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09 May Myths vs. Facts About COVID-19
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Myths vs. Facts About COVID-19 Put onions in your socks to extract the virus from your body. Eat a spoon of turmeric on a full moon. We’ve all heard the wacky theories on how to avoid COVID-19 from the people of the internet. We’re here to separate f..
08 May How to Prevent Covid-19?
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The WHO and the CDC have released guidelines to combat COVID-19. First and foremost, among those recommendations is to hand wash frequently. However, to prevent COVID-19 people are also being asked to wear face masks outside. The COVID-19 Coronavirus..
07 May Should We Wear Face Masks?
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Coronavirus has proved to be challenging times for some. Questions have been raised if we really need to wear face masks. In the long run, face masks keep us safe from catching the disease. Let’s go through some other reasons regarding why we should ..
06 May What’s the Difference Between N95, KN95, FFP2 and KF94 Masks?
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IntroductionIf you are in the market for a respirator, you may have found yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed as to the large array of options that are available on the market today. In fact, a quick internet search of the standard N95 respirator will..
05 May Covid-19 FAQ: Face Masks – What You Need to Know
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What is COVID-19?COVID-19 is soaring through the entire world, taking lives down with it. COVID-19 is a respiratory disease that is part of the family of Coronaviruses. It is transmitted from person to person through water droplets that are passe..
04 May How to Choose Face Masks?
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The novel coronavirus — or COVID-19 — is spreading like wildfire all over the world, and Health officials are trying to understand how it can be handled. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), alongside many state governments, now reco..
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