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30 Apr How does COVID-19 Affect Cats and Dogs
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For the many pet lovers of the world, we all want to know how COVID-19 will impact our cats and dogs. In the beginning, it was thought that cats and dogs were safe from contracting it, but then in early March, the first case came to light.The First C..
29 Apr All You Need to Know About Face Masks and COVID-19
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Since the start of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, there has been an increasing demand for facemasks. Even with all the mixed feelings and different reporting considering their usefulness in COVID-19 outbreak, almost everyone wants to have one. This..
28 Apr Which is the Right Face Mask to Prevent COVID-19?
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Covid-19 has emerged as a once in a century global pandemic that affects all nations. The high transmissibility (R factor) has resulted in increased geometry in people with serious illnesses and overburdened healthcare systems.Countries where the use..
27 Apr 12 Products That Protect You from the Coronavirus & Influenza
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During this COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to know what products might protect you. Let’s review the top 12 products you should try to keep on hand. 1.    Soap. It may seem obvious, but soap is an absolute necessity. Any time you’ve g..
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It is no news that COVID-19 has been ravaging the world in the past few months. The novelty of this strain of COVID-19 Coronavirus has left the general public with very little in terms of options opened to them in the fight against the virus.One of t..
24 Apr Potential Treatments for COVID-19
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So far there are no specific medications for COVID-19. But some drugs and therapies have been proven to be effective in treating patients. Let's have a look at them.1. FavipiravirIt is an antiviral drug developed in Japan to be used against many viru..
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